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BTW – final qualifying weekend for 2014 GAIG Regional Championships is September 6 & 7, 2014.


We have added a breed show on September 13 to Borderline Dressage in Tryon, NC. Updated prize list can be found in Borderline folder under Events.

pas de deux

Who says dressage can’t be fun!

Laura Klecker on Waverly ISF and Catherine Respess on Victor ISF were a crowd pleaser at the recent MayDay Dressage show in Aiken, SC.

The perfectly matched pair executed a flawless Pas de Deux on Saturday during the competitor’s party. The USDF offers Pas de Deux tests choreographed for all levels.


ribbonsWe are halfway towards our goal of $5000 in prize money for the year-end Viewpoint Dressage in Aiken awards. For all of you who are active competitors in this 4-show series please consider adding to the “pot”.  We are always hearing that dressage competitors want bigger, better and MORE awards. Unfortunately, our sport does not attract many sponsors willing to fund cash prizes. Although Viewpoint Dressage is very willing to add to the fund, we do not have the resources to add $1000′s.

Lisi Tibera and Tailsman


Equestrian Entries offers awards in the “best entry” category and over very own Lisi Tibera was a winner!

Pictured here is Lisi with her horse Tailsman and the wonderful new saddle pad from Equestrian Entries. Lisi is currently competing PSG and can be seen at almost all of out Aiken shows!!

From us at Viewpoint – Congratulations Lisi!!


Check the individual prize lists – Online entries can now be done for many shows with

Fill out and pay for your entry online at Equestrian Entries! This has been a tremendous help for show secretaries!

Because there are so many dressage tests being offered these day and so little room in the book we will continue to accept entries for all tests not listed under the Test of Choice category. These classes will be split for purposes of placing

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